Using smart patented and proprietary technology, the ‘walls’ are able to measure speed, power and accuracy now developed to work for most ball sports.

Timed events allow users to track gameplay, capture results and enable a measurable consumer activation with all data collected and collated through web platforms and mobile applications – creating a global and social competition to #beatthebest.

We have developed software so you can choose which ball sport players want to play, includingFootball, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, plus US sports American Football, Baseball, Basketball, plus Australian Rules Football.

Sport is a science, something Walljam respects Walljam has developed its hardware to operate on a plug and play basis – a simplicity that defies what lies beneath the play surface.

Any smart device or tablet can be used to register players and activate games through the Walljam app. This software drives gameplay, functionality and results.

Fully Configurable

Walljam comes with a fully functional administration application.  Which allows the user to fully configure the Walljam experience including:

  • Multiple Game Types – Walljam supports a number of confiurable games types.
  • Self registration – Ability for player to self register via a kiosk and have details recorded stored in a RFID Tag or barcode
  • Leader board of scores – Configurable look and feel (Graphics, fonts, images, top 10/20/30 players).
  • Games configuration  –  Configurable design and set up – Change game type,  game length, number of shots, target order etc.
  • Event creation – Create one off events or multiple day events with leader boards across event.
  • Music & Video – Ability to upload and play video and audio playlists 
  • Sound Effects – Configurable sounds can be  aligned to notable events (countdown, start, finish, successful strike or when a top score is reached).

How It Works

The following diagram explains how the system operates and communicated with the wall and activators: