The bits that make WallJAM special

1. Catch Net

2. Power Goals

3. 32" LCD Monitor

4. WallJAM Play Surface

5. Intelligent Target Sensors

6. Target LED’s

7. 17" Touchscreen

8. Play Surface Markings

9. Wi-Fi (optional)

10. Rubber Wheels (optional)

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1. Catch Net2. Power Goals2. Power Goals3. 32" LCD Monitor4. WallJAM Play Surface5. Intelligent Target Sensor Panel6. Target LED’s7. 17" Touchscreen8. Zonal Markings9. Wi-Fi (optional)10. Rubber Wheels (optional)
  • WallJAM football
  • WallJAM tennis
    Coming soon

Introducing WallJAM

WallJAM is a new sporting arena. It is a training wall like no other. Ball rebound and smart technology drives individual and group performance, fitness and technique whatever your level.

WallJAM is your coach, competitor and team mate. It revolutionises play through repackaging the way sport is taken up and delivered.

Improve your game

Immerse yourself in this new sporting experience - benchmark your performance and development. Individual or team based, you define the game or drill and the level of difficulty.

Under pressure, who is the most powerful, the most accurate, and the fastest? Find out with WallJAM. You know your limits...but can you beat them?

Compete with your friends

Competition drives behaviour. WallJAM connects you with others through its online leagues. Whether it is simply you and your friends or you versus the rest of the world, battle to beat the best.

It's all about the bragging rights

WallJAM keeps track of your scores based on power, accuracy of ball strike and overall performance. Build your bragging rights through setting your own Personal Bests and climbing the league table in any given discipline!

Whatever your ball sport, practice makes professionals: aspire to be one!

WallJAM - coming to a location near you?

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Why not get in touch with your school or leisure venue and ask where your wall is?

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