Walls VS WallJAM

Walls VS WallJAM

Wall Wars – WallJAM Challenges The Best Walls in History

They say there is nothing new under the sun.  People have been knocking balls against walls for centuries.  You’ve got a ball, you’re next to a wall, it’s game on – you versus the wall.  WallJAM claims to be more than just a wall, but is it?  WallJAM allows every ball strike to be scored on its accuracy, power and speed.  We decided to test WallJAM against some historical competitor products to see if it could, to borrow its own slogan, beat the best.  Here are the results of our detailed tests, measured against those key metrics of accuracy, power and speed.

Great Wall of China

Accuracy:  Apparently you can see the Great Wall of China from outer space, so even Shane Long couldn’t miss this target. 0/5

Power:  At its highest point it reaches a height of 8 metres.  Booting a ball up there would challenge Leigh Halfpenny. 5/5

Speed:  Who knows? It took 2000 years to build this so unlike WallJAM it’s not likely to get setup in time for the Carabao Cup Final. 0/5


Hadrian’s Wall

Accuracy: The problem here is that with a pig’s bladder for a ball and sandals rather than Predator boots, our Barbarian ancestors would have had similar success to Scotland’s World Cup qualifying campaign.  1/5

Power:  With the power of the Roman Empire behind it, you’ll do well to tame this wall.  4/5

Speed:  Built on top of some steep peaks you’d be knackered after taking your run up.  1/5


Berlin Wall

Accuracy: Searchlights every few metres and observation posts everywhere, no excuses for missing this target.  5/5

Power:  Looked pretty solid but fell apart overnight.  Unlike WallJAM, poor construction lets it down. 0/5

Speed:  Massive incentive to fire off those shots before the border guards fired off theirs.  5/5


Next month we bring our testing right up to date with a review of Trump’s Mexican Wall