What is WallJAM?

It’s a wall… but its more than just a wall. We have developed a theatre of dreams set within its own caged arena.

Intelligent LED activated targets allow every ball strike to be scored on its accuracy, power and speed. Players pitch their ball skills against the clock – touch, speed of movement, peripheral awareness and handling the pressure of the moment determines who will #BeatTheBest

Game formats allow single or group play. Scores are loaded real time to an online leaderboard via the WallJAM app, a data rich experience for both the user and owners alike.

It offers a fast-paced, high intensity game format.


Why WallJAM?


The technical specs:

  • Panels from 1.33-4m (w) x 2.0 m (h)
  • Intelligent patented play surface
  • LED activated targets
  • Large high brightness LED screen interface and LCD leaderboard
  • Angled to lift the ball back into play
  • Graphics – capable of being designed to match the look and feel of any campaign or brand
  • Wi-Fi enabled (optional)


Graphics + Branding

A range of branded graphic applications can be offered to suit budget and environment,

whilst guaranteeing the very best consumer experience




The WallJAM team will design, deliver, fit, install and maintain your WallJAM unit, to create your own inspirational arena of sport.


The Caged Arena

The WallJAM experience starts as you walk into a fully netted arena. Different caged options are available to ensure safe play in confined areas indoor or out, designed to suit budget, environment and sport.



Two cage options available:

  • Modular trussed system to suit any size
  • Mobile Concertina cage incorporating jack and wheel
    system to allow mobility of the unit (optional)

The Playing Environment

WallJAM can be adapted to suit a range of budgets and playing environments.
WallJAM is recommended to you in two parts: the wall itself, and the caged arena. Together they form the sporting arena.


We have designed the wall to be both modular and scalable:

  • Standard– 4m(h) x 2m(w). There is little reason why we could not deliver walls in modules from 1.33m wide to suit.
  • Bespoke – specific size requirements can be accommodated, beyond the standard, by arrangement.

WallJAM can be used in the following formats:

  • Fixed – designed to be permanently fixed to an existing indoor structure.
  • Freestanding – using our purposefully designed aluminium frame system
  • Supported – within the caged options we provide


Given what WallJAM is about, we have designed two fully netted and caged arenas, to suit temporary playing environs, as follows:

  • Mobile fully netted concertina cage – 9m (d) x 4m(w) x 2.5(h) – set up time (15 minutes)
  • Trussed system – 3-6m (d) x 3-4m (w) x 2.25m (h) – set up time 90-120 mins

Where permanent walls are put in place we would look to advise on the best caged environs for your venue.


If you are looking to use WallJAM permanently outdoors, we would strongly recommend a housing unit is built within which a unit can be fixed. A concertina cage system would work well as an integrated feature. That way the wall will remain watertight and secure.


The branding solution for the wall fascia will be determined by the procurement option, level of use, and whether regular interchange of surface types is required for sponsorship reasons.

Call us now to learn more about which option best suit you.