The Technology

Sport is a science. WallJAM mixes muscle power with the latest tech to offer the coolest, most intuitive way, to improve your game and challenge your friends.

WallJAM’s interactive targets and gaming technology benchmark a player’s performance in the same way as an elite professional might be by their club. A variety of games will allow users to upload performance data based on their timed results, be that as an individual or group play. The captured data focus on accuracy and power of a ball strike, alongside the time it takes to strike a target. The latter is clearly influenced by the speed of a player’s touch, control and movement as well as their ability to strike a target for distance.

Personal bests and individual bragging rights belong to those that practice hardest, cherish accuracy and build power over time. Remember, any goon can strike a ball hard…

LED high resolution screen gives players real time feedback and results, sets the rules, and defines the order of play.

Integrated stopwatch adds pressure and allows the results to be benchmarked.

LED lighting highlights which target to hit. If it’s lit, hit it!

The targets are colour coded with a target flashing green when lit.

Intelligent target sensors define accuracy and power.

Operate the wall directly via any smart device or the wall’s inbuilt 17” touchscreen interface, using the WallJAM app.

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