The Product

Sport has the power to change the world

Get in the zone

We all need rules, we all need boundaries, even if we push them and break them. WallJAM includes it its own marked out sports zone and offers strict parameters on how each game is defined.

With individually tailored skill drills and competitions you can break new frontiers. Alternatively just play and enjoy!

Pass and go, touch and control, eye to ball co-ordination, pace and power. WallJAM will bring out the best in all aspects of your game.

Work on your weaknesses. Identify where you need to improve and practice to make perfect. It’s what the professionals do.

Compete to beat. Use your data to show just how good you are and what the competition needs to do. You can’t beat the wall but you can beat your best and be better than the rest.

WallJAM is designed to give a great playing experience, one that is guaranteed to raise a player's heartbeat in more ways than one!

Building your WallJAM arena

Choose the unit that suits your need?

WallJAM, with its ground-breaking design, encourages repetition and consistent return of the ball, whatever the sport.

WallJAM can be offered with or without our unique POWER GOAL system.
WallJAM itself provides the TECH

  • 3m (w) x 2.0 m (h)
  • Intelligent patented play surface
  • Three to five LED activated targets
  • Large high brightness LED screen interface
  • Angled to lift the ball back into play
  • Graphics – capable of being bespoke to the look and feel you require
  • 2m catch net
  • Touchscreen interface (optional)
  • Wi-Fi enabled (optional)
  • Jack and wheel system to allow mobility of the unit (optional)
  • Play surface

The WallJAM POWER GOAL comprises two tensioned rebound nets either side of WallJAM's interactive target zone.
Features include:

  • 60mm powder coated goal posts
  • Integrated vertical tensioned netting system, angled in the vertical and horizontal plane, to deliver a fast lifted ball return back into the field of play
  • Overall goal sizes (including WallJAM) : Elite (7m x 2.44m) or Youth (5.5m x 2.0m)

The WallJAM arena is a hub for players and spectators alike, but the beauty of WallJAM is that it can be situated almost anywhere. It is a highly adaptable sports zone that is compact enough to suit most locations.

WallJAM can be offered in two formats:

  • Mobile (indoor/outdoor)
  • Fixed/Freestanding (outdoor)

The WallJAM team will deliver, fit, install and maintain your WallJAM unit including the AstroTurf play surface to create your own inspirational arena of sport.

*Client will be responsible for supplying broadband and power. See FAQ

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