Target Your Audience

How WallJAM can help you

WallJAM is an exciting way to engage any audience through experiential activity; WallJAM is a multi-functional high-tech rebound wall that brings internet-connected gaming to football and other sports such as basketball, netball, tennis, and more.

WallJAM targets the competitive spirit of your customer base and engages directly with their sense of fun.

WallJAM is a new socially competitive platform that is perfect for sponsors or leisure hosts. Whether it is with family, friends, or solo, your customers users of WallJAM will return time and time again to improve their personal bests, compete against their friends, and beat the all-time best.

How can you get WallJAM

Offered as a permanent, temporary, or portable installations WallJAM can take your customer experiences to the next level. We offer a flexible working partnership with any organisation wanting:

  • The latest branding or sponsorship tool in the field of sport
  • A long term revenue generator within the leisure or sports sector.
  • Enticing new or retaining current customers

For leisure or sports based operators we offer short or long term leasing/lease/purchase terms and we provide for full initial training and long-term support.

Our short term leasing arrangement, be that one day or one week, can be offered with or without servicing arrangements and with varying degrees of maintenance and marketing support. We also have the scope to offer and white label the app and leaderboard as well as the social media infrastructure to develop the interest and enhance the user experience.

What's in it for sponsors

Beyond the wall itself, WallJAM offers scope for branding and advertising within the wall itself, via the website and mobile apps, and can also be supplied with a full branded environment for experiential activity.

The components of a WallJAM arena can include:

  • WallJAM’s interactive rebound wall with or without Powergoal rebound nets
  • AstroTurf floor surface and pitch
  • Perimeter branded barriers and crowd control
  • Branded dome/tented structure
  • Power generator
  • PA system
  • LED wallscreens to flank pitch
  • Minimum area required 6m wide x 10m deep

The wall helps to provide a turnkey solution to brands where WallJAM can be a centrepiece of brand activation in support of a sponsorship programme or campaign, or presented in a roadshow format for consumer engagement. You can book on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with supporting equipment and staff while we will also manage booking, planning and logistics.

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