About the product

Which WallJAM model is right for me?

WallJAM is modular, the shape and size can be modified to suit specific environments by arrangement – that said we are keen to keep things simple so we are offering two wall types, as follows:

  • Wall Mounted – as the name suggests this is a wall that is affixed to an existing structure such as a gable wall, garage block or an indoor wall. Depending on the environment and location WallJAM can be offered flat or curved.
  • Freestanding – where land availability allows then why not consider a freestanding wall – again this can be offered flat or curved?

The minimum width we recommend is 3 metres and we can offer increments of 1 metre up to 10 meters. The height options are either 2.0m or 3.0m

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What horizontal play surface is required and are WallJAM court markings included in the price?

WallJAM can be erected on most level hard-standings such as tarmac, concrete, gravel or even AstroTurf. Obviously indoor surfaces such as that found in gyms or school assembly halls are also appropriate. The idea is you don’t need to spend money creating a new play surface when you can utilise what you have.  

We recommend a minimum depth of 6 meters is required and minimum width of 4 meters. If the unit is to be located indoors then think about the obvious issue of ceiling height and nearby glazing, ceiling or lighting that could be damaged if unprotected.

PLEASE NOTE we do not recommend, WallJAM should be sited on existing grass or sloping surfaces.

WallJAM’s final quote will include the court-markings, prices for which will vary dependant on the actual surface. Please call us to discuss and help decide what would be best for your requirements.

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Can WallJAM be sport specific or generic?

All walls can be used for multi-ball sports. We have the scope to tailor walls through:

  • The graphic applied onto the intelligent playing surface
  • Introduce goalposts/rebound netting to surround the wall. In the case of football we can deliver these within an actual goal.
  • In the case of sports such as tennis or basketball, the side netting would be encapsulated in a steel frame that is colour coded to suit the requirements of the user.

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What is the composition of WallJAM - will it last?

WallJAM is a heavy structure designed to take knocks.

WallJAM's design is based on metal extrusions and interlocking fiberglass panels with honeycomb cores. Widely used in the air and automobile sectors we are able to deliver a robust but lightweight structure designed to last.

The optional side netting will be encased within a steel tubular claps system, powder coated to prevent rust and vandalism. Its properties not only deaden sound but offer a rapid return of the ball.

The target panels comprise a unique material composition that not only allows bespoke graphics to be applied but ensures the surface can withstand general abrasions and petty vandalism. This will cover the impact sensor, which is already being used in aggressive outdoor environments.

All electronics are appropriately IP protected.

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Who Installs WallJAM?

Our installation team has a broad range of relevant experience and qualifications in the delivery of large digital hoardings and supermarket signage. We can offer a service throughout the UK ensuring your WallJAM unit is delivered on time and within budget.

A typical installation will include the following key steps:

  • Initial Site Survey – our team will visit the site at the time an order is made. Initially a deposit is placed to cover the cost of survey which is deducted from the final invoice. The purpose of this exercise is to determine ease of access and where relevant soil conditions and proximity of underground services might impact on the final cost of install.
  • Site Prep – our team will undertake a small soil excavation and create the footing for the wall. Please note the extent of footing might vary dependent on ground conditions so the cost for this element of the job is an item that can only be factored in after the initial site survey. We use a ground cage  for the wall to sit on which guarantees the correct positioning and level when the wall is installed.  All spoils will be taken off site and disposed of responsibly.
  • Wall Assembly – our team of specialist installers will typically take 1-2 days to erect the wall dependent on size, type and location. The team will test the wall before they leave and have the work signed off by a correctly certified electrician.

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What IT / Power Connectivity is required to a WallJAM unit?

Three phase mains power is required to operate the electronics within the wall. Fast secure broadband connectivity is required not only for users to interface with the wall but also, critically, to allow our support team to remotely monitor each site. Upgrading and maintaining the software and ensuring all the components are operating as they should be is fundamental. Our online connection can detect problems as and when they occur, 24/7. Many issues can be solved quickly and simply through our remote help desk without a technician being required.  This will save you money.

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Who is responsible for installing Broadband and Power?

The buyer is responsible for delivering power to the edge of the wall to a predetermined position. With regard broadband the client can take complete responsibility for the delivery of broadband direct to the unit in readiness for installation. In this instance we specify a minimum specification which includes:

  • At-least 3G (though ideally 4G or full broadband) speed
  • A fixed IP that is routed directly to the PC contained within the WallJAM unit
  • Ports 22, 80 and 443 to be open (with port 22 being opened up for inbound connections)

As an alternative WallJAM has negotiated a position with a communications supplier, to deliver superfast secure private 3G/4G networks direct to our units using a fixed IP service (wireless, in the same way as mobile phones). 4G enterprise hardware is required to utilise 3G/4G SIMs which will be added to the order. If you would like to receive further details please call us now on 020 3411 0818.

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Am I covered by a product warranty?

WallJAM will offer a two year warranty on all electrical goods and a 5 year warranty on the structure itself.

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Does WallJAM offer support and maintenance beyond the initial warranty package?

We recognise clients will want to rest easy when taking a WallJAM unit that it will continue to function as intended. To this end we recommend they take out a WallJAM “Peace of Mind” Package which includes:

  • Remote monitoring of units with instant notification of hardware failure
  • One visits in a twelve month period
  • Maintenance of any loose or missing fittings
  • Annual servicing for hardware components
  • Critical software updates and fixes

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What if a component fails?

Most of the components form part of our plug and play modular system so we should be able to arrange rapid turnaround of parts. There will be a replacement cost if outside the warranty period.

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What if the wall is vandalised?

Vandalism is sometimes unavoidable. We are here to help so call the management team and we will do our best to remedy the situation, whether that is replacement of a damaged part or a simple onsite remedy. Vandalism falls outside the warranty agreement.

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Managers / operators

How do I learn to operate WallJAM so my venue gets the most out of the purchase?

WallJAM will offer one to one tuition that is included in the cost of purchase. Please note any venue beyond 1 hour travel time from our Head office will incur a surcharge.

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Do WallJAM have Lesson Plans to make my life easier as a coach or teacher?

It’s still early days however yes, we do intend to develop lesson plans that cover all aspects of the curriculum.

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How do I pre-book games for multi-players

This function is in the process of being built into the software. This will be remotely controlled from the comfort of your own PC or tablet. With a few simple clicks you can easily adjust the settings.

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Can I review performance data for individuals

A huge advantage of WallJAM and the remote access we offer is access to the user statistics. Objective feedback can be given to coaches/teachers when assessing performance of an individual over time which can also include how often and how long the wall has been used and which games were most popular?

With the new games Speed Sutu and Spot Sutu you can even organize online competitions and share your Sutu score with your friends on social media.

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What format can data be downloaded in?

This will be capable in a CSV file.

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Can I run inter class/school/club competitions?

Yes. As an operator of one or more walls you can run competitions within defined periods which can be restricted by game type or player profile.

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