Meet The Patents

Meet The Patents

Question: Which famous invention includes  the words “resistive matrix sensor…..parallel conductive tracks… rebound wall”


Answer: No, it’s not a Star Trek phaser, we prefer to call it WallJAM – the interactive rebound wall, which is seriously addictive, and can be your friend, coach and competitor all wrapped into one,  we’re delighted that our US patent was granted this week.



Searching for patents is a fascinating and sometimes alarming way to waste a few hours.  Our first search for “sports” and “wall” led us to the highly topical “device and methods for scoring a snowball fight”.  This appears to be an outfit you can wear which includes a target and a “scoring chamber portion” to measure how much snow fell from the target.  This could have been the saviour of Toys R Us if it had been in the shops this week!  It did make us wonder if WallJAM 2.1 should include another game option for “Snowball fight with yourself”.

Equally the (American) football-shaped toilet dispenser with rotary sensor which triggers a “fight song for a sport franchise” and an emergency button to “alert bystanders or emergency response personnel to come to the aid of the user” seems a little over-engineered, although maybe playing Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur in the Emirates traps would necessitate such a life saving mechanism.


More worrying was the next result, the “3 Sexual Union Springy Spring Sport System Use Wall”. We would have liked to investigate this patent further, but some things are better left untouched on a wholesome website such as this.

The USPTO states that the invention should be novel, non-obvious, and “useful”, some of these gizmos pass on at least 2 of these criteria…