How Striking is Your Pre-match Entertainment?

How Striking is Your Pre-match Entertainment?

Football in the Seventies, everything was better then, eh?  Players with names you could pronounce, like Terry and Tommy and Ronny and Bobby (FA regulations at the time stated that all player names must end in ‘y”).

Proper non-league cup dramas involving teams of postmen and builders, played on grassless swamps in places that always sounded like Shepshed or Bilston.  The magic of Cup Final Day: Wembley, sunshine, a 3 O’Clock kickoff, the Goodyear blimp, a whole day of Cup Final TV, and all that pre-match fun.  The TV schedule for May 3rd 1975 reveals almost 4 hours of entertainment before the West Ham and Fulham game kicked off.

Oh yes, that was good wasn’t it?  It’s a Cup Final Knockout featuring such “classics” as “Bobbing Football Slalom, Seesaw Football, Pass the Medicine Ball, Caterpillar Balloon Bursting, Pass the Plank of Water Buckets and Netting the Footballs”.

Over on ITV we had All in the Game, “an exciting series of games intended to test the skills”, although the sight of 5 Bristol City players linking arms on the goal-line and being peppered from all angles by the entire Wolves team does make you wonder what skills were being tested (and explains the rapid decline of English football over the decade!)  BBC’s Grandstand was even more mundane with the Long Throw Competition – where was Rory Delap when we needed him?

The fan was the passive recipient of this TV feast, and the “skills” being tested were essentially pointless.  Modern sports fans, immersed in social media and gaming, want to be involved in a way that brings them closer to their friends and their sporting idols, so that everyone shares the experience.

WallJAM brings Back to the Future style innovation inspired by the days kids could play street soccer against the garage door.  Unfortunately the asbo stopped all that!  WallJAM mashes the physical and the digital to deliver performance data based on the core skills of football including power, accuracy and control.  Most importantly, it’s fun, and it doesn’t have to be played just once a year on Cup Final day!

Come and experience the WallJAM magic when we team up with Carabao at the Carabao Cup Final on Sunday February 25th.  We promise you, no caterpillar balloon bursting!