Sponsorship – The future is digital

Sponsorship – The future is digital

Digital has changed the world we live in – in the space of just 10 years major industries such as the media, music and film have been forced to come to terms with a new way to deliver their product to customers. Indeed many industries are failing to find the right formula – and are fading fast in front of our eyes.

The sponsorship sector is no exception. More popular than ever, sponsors are keen to become part of the fan experience and they have already learned to understand the importance of mashing up physical play with a digital output. Fans can choose to pit against either themselves or their peers or their idols. Social competition where performance benchmarking translates to scores which can be shared and compared across a range of social media channels – allowing fans to use WallJAM to #BeatTheBest – helps to create a digital journey which will not only capture key information but also deliver top level engagement.

WallJAM is providing all the answers for sponsors in this field as it has both the addictive appeal of kicking a ball against a wall and social competitiveness but it also offers a cutting edge platform to collect key data that delivers and measures results. Based on the pure accuracy and speed of ball strikes against an array of targets. This data isn’t just standard name, age and email capture. WallJAM aims to source key intelligence on customers’ profiles including specific social likes, interests and demographics. All this can be white labelled through an app and integrated social media platforms. It can also of course drive fans to a sponsors’ website.

As WallJAM’s experiential offering grows through its work with sponsors rights holders and leisure owners, so will its database of players. Digital has moved things on. Sponsors don’t just want exposure, they now want the right exposure,  to the right people that can be proven via metrics and results through the hosted campaign. These metrics can now very quickly show you if a sponsorship investment was justified, and if done correctly will lead to repeat business and referrals.

Sponsorship spending is fast outpacing marketing and advertising in growth and has reached in excess of $20 billion in the US. With sports and entertainment companies securing 80% of this sponsorship, it is clear that WallJAM’s offering to engage and interact with consumers – many in a stadium setting – is looking far ahead of the traditional sponsorship boundaries.