Games and Drills

Which one will you excel in?

We currently have 5 games designed within WallJAM:

  • Pass, control, move
  • Spot throw-in
  • Penalty strike
  • Survival
  • Killer

Remember, we do give you the ability to vary the rules and difficulty level. i.e. Games can entail throwing only or a combination of throwing and kicking. The Distance you play from the wall will also have a major bearing on scores.

Developing new games

The gaming engine that drives WallJAM has been designed with extensibility in mind. New games can be created and designed. Further down the line a public API will also be announced, enabling developers to interact with game data (scores, players, statistics), where our hope is that innovative and interesting apps using this data will be developed.

Over time new games will be developed.

If you have an idea to improve an existing game or create a brand new one, get in touch. Any new ideas taken up will win a WallJAM football.

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