How to Play

Sport never stands still, and WallJAM is no different, with the scope of play options limited only to your imagination

Pass and go, touch and control, eye to ball co-ordination, pace and power. WallJAM will bring out the best in all aspects of your game.

Work on your weaknesses. Identify where you need to improve and practice to make perfect. It’s what the professionals do.

Compete to beat. Use your data to show just how good you are. Use our technology to build up your bragging rights.

Our team of designers are working with users to personalise and develop all aspects of the wall. Users will be kept on their toes as gameplay and technology develops.

When you take on the wall you can be assured there is always a standard of measurement that will set you on the path to success.

Our scoring system is based on the following aspects of gameplay:

  • No. of strikes on target as a proportion of total strikes
  • Power of strike
  • Accuracy of strike
  • Speed of movement within any given time period set – this naturally reflects a player's technique, such as touch and control
  • Zonal movement and distance of strike

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