Registering with WallJAM

Can I play without registering?

Yes, but only through a player who is registered. Unregistered players will not see their results and personal performance data unless they activate their account. At the time of playing unregistered players must give their email address to play. 

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How do I register to play

Via the touchscreen within the WallJAM unit or via or your own connected Smart device, go to or our QR code on site. You will simply need to give your name, email and password details.

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Can I add the app to the home-screen of my Smart device?

Yes, a shortcut can be added to your Smart Phone's home screen. Simply head over to Once there, the process of adding the web page to your home screen differs depending on your device:

  • On iPhones: Click the share / bookmark toolbar icon. An option menu will then slide up. Click the 'Add to Home Screen' button. It will then add an icon to your Home Screen.
  • On Androids: If using Google Chrome, click the options icon (top right of your screen - it is an icon with 3 dots), then click the link titled "Add to home screen".

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Will the information I give remain confidential

Yes. Please see our Privacy Statement.

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Booking a game

How do I book a game

Once you have signed in at the wall or via your phone you will be given the option to book a game there and then,. The instructions then take you through the options step by step.

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Can I block book games?

Yes, however WallJAM will restrict any one person from dominating gameplay. Of course if there are no reservations then you will be free to continue playing. If there is a queue however you will need to wait for two games to be completed until you are allowed another turn.

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What if I am late for my game?

Sorry about that but you will need to re-book.

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What if somebody is already playing

Simply book your game and you will be added to the queue. You can check the status of the queue at anytime, by clicking the 'start game' menu item from the touchscreen at the wall. Simply wait until the current user has finished or await announcement of your allotted booking via the touchscreen or Led Display.

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What is the maximum number of people who can play at any one time?

There is no maximum however we think up to 6 players is perfect.

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What is the minimum/maximum length of Game?

The default position is either up to 5 minutes as an individual or 10 minutes for a group. Please note the operator for the wall will be able to override this according to venue and style of operation.

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How many game types are there?

We currently have 5 games designed within WallJAM: Pass, control, move; Spot throw-in, Penalty strike, Survival & Killer. Over time new games will be developed. Remember, we do give you the ability to vary the rules and difficulty level. I.e. Games can entail throwing only or a combination of throwing and kicking. The Distance you play from the wall will also have a major bearing on scores.

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Are there instruction on how to play at the Wall?

Yes, there is a touchscreen at the wall. From here press the "How to play" button to view further details.

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Player profiles

Does the software reflect age/gender/ability of any given player?

Yes - we have weighted the scores based on age and sex. There has to be an element of fairness - look at it as a form of handicapping system that levels the playing field.

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Can I share my results?

That’s what the WallJAM app is all about - all historic data is uploaded and can be shared with friends or peers.

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How do I upload and compare scores?

Sit back and relax. The wall will upload scores automatically for you. This enables you to login and track your scores over time, as well as compare them against your friends and other people that have played at the wall.

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Can I see and compare my scores with everyone?

Initially you can share your results with any friends/users of the wall you are playing on. We will be looking to release a premium version of the app which will open up players around the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

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Can I see my historic data and see how I am improving?

Every game you play will be recorded in terms of points awarded as well as how powerful, fast and accurate each of your shots were. This is designed to help make it easy to track performance over time and see how you compare year on year.

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Software developers

What if I have a new idea for developing a new game?

The gaming engine that drives WallJAM has been designed with extensibility in mind. New games can be created and designed. Further down the line a public API will also be announced, enabling developers to interact with game data (scores, players, statistics), where our hope is that innovative and interesting apps using this data will be developed.

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