WallJAM is a sports technology company which offers a new and exciting way for leisure operators, rights holders and sponsors to engage and reach out to their fan or customer base, through mashing physical play with digital output.


WallJAM is dedicated to delivering…

  • exceptional brand exposure for sponsors and organisations
  • innovative and engaging sporting amenity for any venue
  • measurable and memorable playing experience

For players we want to:

  • motivate, excite and inspire all age groups and ability levels to engage in sport
  • make sport fun
  • raise the heartbeat of the player
  • create sporting habits for life

Our Mission


Motivate people to participate more in sport through the use of smart technology


Present a sporting platform that excites, inspires and encourages players to be the best they can be


Provide useful and quantifiable data for both player and sponsor/operator with an option to share and compare results


To raise the heartbeat of the nation and create sporting habits for life